Working with kids underfoot

As I type this, in my office at the Missoulian, my daughter is playing with my wrist rest (which she named “Snakey”) and singing a song about how dirty my desk is (It goes something like, “I found a pen and a paperclip, I found a bunch of paper, I found a thing I don’t know what it is, ooh look here’s a Cheerio”).

Unfortunately, I’ve never been one of those moms who can get much “work” done when her kid is around. I really admire parents who can. It’s really unfortunate for me, however, because it does make work entertaining in a whole new way.

Signing off for today,

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Anyone – even men – can experience postpartum depression

I had a very interesting interview with Lara Mattson Radle yesterday morning on the subject of postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders.

Mattson Radle, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Missoula and the only Montana coordinator for Postpartum Support International, is organizing an upcoming Perinatal Mood Disorders Conference open to anyone who works with postpartum women.

Mattson Radle pointed out that OBGYNs are not the only good candidates for the two-day conference; others include lactation consultants and therapists.

“In the time after childbird, so many changes are going on it can be difficult for a woman to recognize all the emotions and changes,” Mattson Radle said.

That’s why it’s important for friends, family and others to be aware of what questions to ask and what resources to refer mothers in need.

“My goal,” Mattson Radle said, “is to spread the word about postpartum mood disorders, because they’re a lot more common than most people think.”

For instance, did you know that men and adoptive parents can experience postpartum mood disorders, too?

Check out her Web site, Perinatal Support of Montana, for more information and to sign up for the conference in April.

– MM

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