On childhood obesity: A response to Michelle Obama

The big news in Mom World today is First Mom Michelle Obama’s official launch of a nationwide anti-obesity initiative.

Consequently, my inbox has been flooded with commentary on the new initiative. I picked this one to share with you, dear readers, because it is written by Johann Christoph Arnold, the author of several books on parenting and children’s education.

It’s by no means the last word on the subject. In fact, I’d love to hear your thoughts on obesity in general and this initiative in particular.

– MM

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Canyon Elementary still open … for now

Good news for students, parents and teachers at Canyon Elementary School in Hungry Horse.

For a while there it looked like the school would have to close in order to make up the school district’s $500,000 budget deficit. Canyon Elementary, which has about 130 students, was on the chopping block because of declining enrollment.

But last might the Columbia Falls School Board heard from a slew of folks asking board members to keep it open, and they came up with a plan to keep the school going.

The news is not all good, though. In order to keep the school open, some grades will have to be combined and at least one school worker laid off.

I’m sure this school board is not the only one in Montana crunching numbers. In Missoula, the K-12 student population has been declining for nearly two decades. But recent population estimates project increasing student enrollment for Missoula County.

– MM

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