Run for kids with Youth Homes team

Last month, fellow Missoula mom Kim Anderson, a mother of three children and a former development director for Youth Homes, started a personal quest and a blog called The Reluctant Runner.

“I’m going to run a half marathon in July and I’m doing it in honor of a kid at Youth Homes,” Anderson explains on her blog, where she writes eloquently of being inspired by Youth Homes children as well as her own kids.

The Missoula Marathon is approaching quickly – it’s scheduled for July 11, 2010. Until then, Anderson is using her blog to help raise awareness about the Youth Homes Run 4 Kids team, explaining, “We’re trying to get more participants this year to run or walk either the half or whole in honor of a kid at the Youth Homes – each participant gets their registration and training fees paid for in turn for getting pledges for YHI. MT Rail Link sponsors this so they flip the bill for the participants. Its very cool.”

If you can’t run, consider giving a donation instead. Anderson is trying to raise at least $500.

– MM

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She’s losing a baby tooth; I’m losing my baby

The tiny little teeth, smaller even than my pinky fingernail, that first cut through my daughter’s gums four years ago are not going to be around forever. One by one they will fall out and be replaced by her adult teeth. I know that.

And I know how we always say of children that they grow up so fast. Still, that growing up has a way of catching me by surprise.

I wasn’t too torn up on her first day of daycare. That was something I had planned and planned and planned. And I didn’t shed a tear when she took her first steps. She had been practicing for weeks for that moment; I had been watching.

But I bawled like a baby yesterday when it became undeniably clear that one of Willow’s little teeth – the one that that looked a little crooked the other day but no, I thought, 5 years old is too young to start losing teeth – is loose. And not just a little loose. We’re talking hanging-by-a-thread here.

There’s no denying it: that tooth will come out soon.

Willow is very excited about it. She feels very grown-up all of a sudden, and last night began doing all the things she thinks big kids do – getting dressed, brushing her hair, brushing her teeth. By herself. She was smiling when she told me that she does not need my help anymore.

This is the way it is supposed to be, I know, but even as I congratulate my daughter, even as she wiggles that tooth, even as she declares that she is really growing up now, I find myself willing that tooth to hang in there for just one more moment.

It’s just all happening so fast.

– MM

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