I’m almost embarrassed to admit that my family has not yet made the trip to Glacier National Park. I know – it’s a travesty, right? Here’s hoping that we get a chance to visit before the end of the year. I’m putting on my to-do list right now.

In the meantime, here’s a heartwarming news release from the Udall Foundation, which is sponsoring a trip to Glacier for 12 young people from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Missoula as part of the Stewart L. Udall Parks in Focus program.

- MM

First Ever Stewart L. Udall Parks in Focus Trip in Montana

There will be a change of scenery for 12 Montana youth as they go on a camping trip to Glacier National Park – a first for many of them. The students, who will be armed with digital cameras, are participating in the Stewart L. Udall Parks in Focus program, which gives young environmental leaders (Udall scholarship alumni) the opportunity to pass their knowledge to children who might never have seen a national park or spent time exploring a wilderness area.

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